Conor Mcgregor Will Quit

Conor McGregor will Quit!

Yep I’m not just saying he’ll lose on points or he’ll get knocked out by Floyd, but Conor will quit and if he doesn’t then his corner will quit for him.

To think he has a one percent chance of winning is simply ludicrous. Before you think I’m in the Money Team and love Mayweather then I hate Floyd so much, he ruined a dream of mine and owes me money for 4 cheeseburgers. I’ll get to that story in a another day how the ‘money team’ made me pay for a load of cheeseburgers and diet cokes in Rio de Janerio but first let me tell you why Conor does not have a punchers chance against the pretty boy.

With boxing matches you can’t help but look at the pedigree and experience of both boxers and then weighing up the options. I have so many people give me reasons of why Conor can match Floyd and I’ll tell you history says he can’t.

Conor is the best boxer in the UFC.

Let’s go all the way back to the start of the careers when Floyd won multiple golden gloves titles before winning bronze at the 1996 Olympic Games, only losing in one of the most controversial decisions in Olympic Boxing history in the Semi-Final.  Fast forward ten years and Conor McGregor wins the under 16’s Novice schoolboy champs. No disrespect to novice champions but it is no Olympic Games medal. I myself won the British University Championships Silver medal at Open class which is probably on par with Connors accolade. McGregor two years later had his first MMA fight at 18 years old. His boxing experience includes 6 years as a schoolboy and that’s it. Floyd has been World Champion for 19 years. Case closed.

McGregor has a punchers chance

This one just makes me laugh. Floyd is 49 and 0. That’s 49 wins and ZERO losses. He has received 1 standing 8 count and that was because his wrist locks or he catches his thumb hitting Carlos Hernandez. He got hit clean by DeMarcus Corley and he got rocked to his boots by Sugar Shane Mosely. That’s how rare it is for someone to hit Floyd clean is that out of 49 fights and 19 years in Championship fights we can only think of two punches that ever caught him. The best they got out of them punches was Floyds right hand briefly touched the canvas as he was wobbled and off balance.

But McGregor has knockout power and speed

In the UFC I can’t disagree Conor has a knockout punch. Everyone saw that 13 second demolition of Jose Aldo. With FOUR ounce gloves on. He’s wearing 4 oz gloves that connected clean onto Aldo who got so high on emotion he thought it was a good idea to lead with his chin. Again, revert to above paragraph for the number of times Floyd has been hit. He is the most defensively gifted boxer of all time. Also the transition from 4 oz gloves to 10 oz gloves will not only take the power out of McGregors fist but will also make him slower. You’ll be amazed the difference of speed with just an extra 6 oz’s. especially in the later rounds if against the odds Conor Makes it that far.

If Conor fights dirty then he’ll win

NO! This will be a boxing match and not UFC. 3 classic times that boxers tried to rough up Floyd. Great Britain favorite Ricky Hatton, hard as nails, tried fighting on the inside like he always did but at every opportunity referee Joe Cortez would break it up. It has been said in some Vegas fights you aren’t just fighting Floyd but you are fighting the ref and judges too. The other occasions boxers tried to get Floyd riled up was when Victor Ortiz landed a clean head butt onto Floyds chin. Again, the referee was Joe Cortez, he deducted a point from Ortiz and rightly so. As Ortiz put his glove out to touch gloves with Floyd, Floyd knocked him clean out with 2 punches. Left, Right, Goodnight. You can also watch Zab Judah give a nasty low blow to Mayweathers crown jewels which caused Vegas mania of people running into the ring before Floyd boxed his way to a unanimous points decision. These boxers were not just boxers, they are gangsters growing up on gangland streets on New York City and in dangerous cities of Mexico. A lot more dangerous and scary than Conor McGregor.

McGregor has age on his side

The last boxer older than Floyd that he fought was Sugar Shane Mosely which was in 2010. It’s worth noting that currently one of the pound for pound best boxers on the planet is Saul Canelo Alvarez. Mayweather was 14 years older than Canelo at the time and he took him to school for 12 rounds. The closest boxer to Floyd by age since Mosely was a certain man named Manny Pacquiao. Fans said that Floyd had left the fight too late and Manny was passed his best. Floyd is 5 years older than Manny!

All it takes is one lucky punch in the early rounds

As we saw when the 27 year old Olympic Gold Medalist and defending World Champion Anthony Joshua fought the 41 year old Olympic Gold Medalist and former undisputed World Champion. It takes more than one lucky punch and that was the Heavyweights. I’ve had a look at Conors record and it is impressive you can’t deny it. But dissecting it with my fine tooth comb this is what I see. He’s had 24 fights and 21 wins ok. 18 stoppages in 21 wins also very impressive. 17 stoppages with punches and 1 with elbows. Out of those 17 there have been 4 knock outs via one punch. 3 of those knockouts were in the first round after 4 seconds, 13 seconds and 16 seconds. You think that Floyd will be knocked out  clean within 20 seconds by 10oz gloves by someone on their debut then you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. The other knockout from Conor was after 3 minutes 40 seconds in the 1st round. I think he’ll struggle to do that with a 3 minute boxing round rather than his 5 minute UFC rounds that he is used to.

So why will Conor quit?

McGregor is a daddy now! All boxers throughout history have changed their heart in the game after having a baby. Conor Junior will be less than 4 months old at the time of the fight. Conors training will not have been the same since his new born has arrived. He’ll be in the states training and missing his child and he will not want to miss his son. Conors drive used to be getting off his council benefits and he was prepared to die in the ring to create a better life for himself. Now daddy time will catch up on him. Fairplay to him he’ll probably make around £50 million pounds, retire and become a Hollywood actor. However he does risk losing the hearts of the world when he quits on August 26th.

Ok so on reflection Conor does have a punchers chance. In the first 16 seconds. If it goes past 16 seconds then he quits in round 7-10.

Let me know what you think or give me some abuse and tweet reactions to @Af_Essex_Boxing

Right before I bought The whole money team a loada cheeseburgers


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